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We all know that one person who is the first to jump up at any social gathering and state things that are just ridiculous. Decades of pop culture have misled us into thinking that nerds are unwanted. What about intellect, is there something for that? Is it really too much to ask for a person to be a decent human being? You absolutely love it when conversations are intellectually stimulating and peppered with references to books, T.

Are You a Sapiophile 13 Traits that Make Someone a Lover of Wit

When I speak of intellect however, it's something which is recursively developed by contiguity with the external world. Be willing to talk about your favorite sonnets, discuss the latest discoveries in your field, or just talk about fun things like astronomy. They are very aware of their own feelings and are self-motivated.

That is a very narrow understanding of sapiophilia and sapiosexuality! Maybe the same pen used by Neil Gaiman, or a pendant forged from meteorite. You keep coming back for the comebacks! There definitely are women who are of above average intelligence, good looking, and attracted to men with the same qualities. She might not be the ones you immediately notice.

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Sapiophiles know that cultivating a personal taste requires experiencing different aspects of culture first hand, complemented by curiosity. What makes one a sapiophile? Sapiophiles prefer people who developed their own taste of fashion, music, and ideas rather than adhering to trends. Dating websites categorise the basic facts height and weight, age and income.

What is a sapiophile How many women are sapiophiles - GirlsAskGuys

Forget the gadgets, clothes, and cutesy trinkets. Or are you more likely to find your future spouse in a book convention than at a bar? Deep-thinkers always have something innovative to discuss, and a chat with them is hardly ever dry.

What is a sapiophile How many women are sapiophiles

If there's one thing that i regret, it's that. What really makes for a certified sapiophile? You believe in widening your horizons.

Uploaded by Funny QuestionShare this page, share on google, submit to reddit. Relationships What does it mean when men say they need space? Using specific terms that define their requirements for attraction can make things a lot easier.

1. You seek-out Independent thinkers

Such people get all of their information from Instagram and never ever do their research. You are drawn toward people who stimulate you intellectually, twine dating website like a moth to a flame. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age.

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Athletes, dancers, surgeons, and craftspeople exhibit well-developed bodily kinesthetic intelligence. You never find yourself bored around intelligent people, but you do find yourself using Google a lot, which is great but I bet your internet bill is high! You crave like-minded people who spark your interest and your curiosity.

ChrisKnew I will correct you since you're wrong. If there are sapiophiles, they don't exist in high quantities in the midwest. Or the ability to discern feelings and emotions appropriately. Compatible That actually makes sense, I forgot it out of the post, but voice tone is a dealmaker or dealbreaker for me. So, what exactly does Sapiosexual, and Sapiophile mean?

Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Existential Intelligence Sensitivity and capacity to tackle deep questions about human existence, such as the meaning of life, why do we die, and how did we get here. They keep their intelligence hidden so as not to ruffle feathers. Are you the kind of person who would not go on a second date with a girl who.

Not only might it provide you with a new perspective, but it also makes situations much livelier and can be a good learning experience. Linguistic intelligence is the most widely shared human competence and is evident in poets, novelists, journalists, and effective public speakers. If you really want them to get interested in you, however, you need to plan better dates. And no matter how physically attractive and trendy they get, casual dating you always have that primordial impulse to run for the hills rather than spend time with them.

Depending on the person - it's alright, but a lot of the time it can be annoying - again, depending on the person. Shit, the ladies are about to be all over your chiseled Figuratively and literally body. This humor involves witty remarks, wordplay, download and clever repartees. You seek-out Independent thinkers.

This sapiophile meaning and sapiosexual definition hopefully cleared everything up for you. You are drawn to people who have a good grasp of grammar. You know it better than most, that a great conversation can often lead to heavy debates. The two terms are very close, and some people tend to use them interchangeably.

  1. You find it easier to relate to people who are voracious readers and who discuss books, themes, and authors.
  2. And what forms do you find most appealing.
  3. Making smooth references is an art and very few people have the ability to keep the conversation that witty.
  4. Talking to them about quantum physics can get them in the mood the same way others might with sensual dancing and the like.

Sapiophile What Is It Are You One And More

Not everyone can stick huge bookshelves in their homes. But they do process their world heavily through sound. The best conversational sparring-partner is the one who thoroughly researches their information and is able to back it all up. Intellect without visceral attraction is doomed to failure.

Intelligence comes in many different forms though. You find it extremely attractive when people have an extensive vocabulary. The average sapiophile has a scrutinizing eye for the titles you read.

Sapiosexuals abhor small talk. Linguistic intelligence allows us to understand the order and meaning of words and to apply meta-linguistic skills to reflect on our use of language. Once in a while, you get message inviting you for a date of some sort. In fact, this sort of condescending intelligence is commonly played for laughs. Relationships Am I a monster?

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Worlds first Sapiophile Dating website. You hold people to these high standards because you wish to find someone who can vibe with you very well and whose conversations keep you on your toes. Would you prefer a date with Elon Musk over Ryan Gosling? Sapiophiles likely spend dates having long discussions about science, politics, art, or literature.

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Been called that many times. You value all types of intelligence equally. In any case, both sapiosexuality and sapiophilia are hinged on intelligence for fostering attraction, both romantic and sexual. Do you find yourself attracted to musicians of any genre, or only specific genres?

To get on a dating site and have hundreds of men tell me they love me. Plenty of fish dating site. You'll see this theme from women all over this website, about how it's personality that matters to them, but as soon as the get offline, they become very shallow in what attracts them. Think about the opposite would you find someone dumb to be attractive? It is kind of interesting actually, but you can somehow assess how intellectual someone is based on the way they speak, or at least give a fairly reasonable approximation.

  • With knowledgeable people, you learn so much more and you never find yourself dozing-off or having to check your phone.
  • They consider book smart the pinnacle of intelligence.
  • That sort of pride is the anti-thesis of intelligence.
  • Sapiosexuals are not snobs.
  • You absolutely love bookworms!
Sapiophile What Is It Are You One And More
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