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Driver 3 Ps2 Guide

Driver 3 - ps2 - Walkthrough and Guide - Page 6 - GameSpy

Keep ahead of your pursuers and avoid taking too much damage. Hit the action button on the middle garage and it automatically opens and you enter the car only hit it once or you may hop out of the car and lose precious time. However, if the path to this right turn is blocked, Calita continues down the coastline in a slightly easier route. Descend the tower and move into the hanger to find the cab. Take the cigarette boat from your dock.

Those other cops are extremely aggressive drivers and seem to appear out of nowhere. Black Flag - The black flag indicates that the driver has either recieved a timed or pit penalty. You must keep within range of this aggressive driver to reach the next stage of the mission. Most Popular Guides on CheatCodes.

Driver 3 ps2 guide

Give Tanner the help he needs with this comprehensive game guide. The following are Timmy location descriptions that match the Istanbul map screenshot in this section of the guide. The following are Timmy location descriptions that match the Nice map screenshot in this section of the guide. Popular Guides Popular Cheats. Start on the southwestern position of Istanbul and drive along the southern edge of the map.

Calita is the best driver in the game, bar none. Black and White Flag - A black and white diagonally devided flag is shown to drivers for unsportman like behaviour on the track, toshiba satellite l305-s5933 drivers windows 7 such as careless driving and cutting cornors.

Gun the accelerator and turn left to follow the car to the street. Run quickly to the police car just ahead of your start position and get inside.

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Another stands guard in a tower to the left. Try and defeat the enemy from long-range. Open it and start down the stairs taking out any guards in your way.

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Go across the street to the house there, and head around the right side of it, through the bushes there. Begin on the southwestern position of Istanbul. Ascend the ladder to reach the controls at the top. Get out of the car and shoot the guards. More foes enter from the far side.

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Go inside and find a Timmy in the back room. Go back to the stairs and go up to the Roof. The building is a bathhouse. Since too low and too high are the danger zones, keep the proximity meter somewhere in between.

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If so, swim over to an adjacent shack to find a healthy boat! Use the mini-map and follow the road along the coastline as you approach the target. Drive in there and go toward the water. The safest location is directly behind the bomb truck.

Go through the last door onto the bridge and eliminate two guards on either side. Orders are to get inside undetected.

There is a chance your boat was destroyed by the enemies at Stiltsville. Get inside the car quickly and follow.

It runs parallel to the train track. Turn left and watch for the approaching guard. Drive a boat to this shack and search its second floor for another Vermicelli.