Solved Chapter 5 Problem 24P Solution

Disk Requests Come In To The Disk Driver For Cylinders

Which hole is taken for successive segment requests of. How would you re-write this procedure to ensure these problems are overcome. How much seek time is needed for a First-come, first served. The device driver knows the specifics of how to drive particular device controller hardware.

Multilevel feedback queue-scheduling algorithm allows a process to move between queues. The worm reproduces by making more copies of the worm program.

Discuss if the fully distributed mutual exclusion algorithm has these characteristics. Access lists are based around objects. Jobs with similar needs are batched together and run through the computer as a group, by an operator or automatic job sequencer. Mutex is used to protect readcount. Is this internal or external fragmentation?

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Provide an efficient usage of resource, sharing resource among running process. Show that the four necessary conditions for deadlock have occurred.

While access lists are based around objects, capability lists are based around domains. Only the first reader needs to block any future writers by doing a wait on wrt.

Disk scheduling - GATE Overflow

Disk requests come in to the disk driver for cylinders

So, cylinders travelled through. Eventually the old readers finish reading and so the writer can continue. The following algorithm is an attempt at solving the readers-writers problem.

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The blocks are not usually erased. Multiprocessor systems can save money, by sharing power supplies, housings, and peripherals.

Solved Disk requests come in to the disk driver for cylinders

Modern Operating Systems 3rd Edition

If all readers tried to do a wait on wrt, then only one reader at a time could read! Give an argument in favour of a small quantum.

Disk scheduling - GATE Overflow

Moving a process to another machine in a cluster has some similarities with swapping a process out to disk on a single machine. An advantage is that the disk device controller can organise the queue of pending disk writes to optimise disk head moves. However, from a performance point of view it would generate a large number of additional disk writes. Moving a process to another machine can be thought of as similar to swapping a process, but instead of swapping it out to disk, hp 655 sound drivers it is swapped out to another machine. Therefore number of cylinders travelled becomes equal to total of disk requests.

Thus, cylinders traversed for first request. For fifth request, cylinders travelled. For last request, cylinders travelled. For sixth request cylinders travelled.

Solved Chapter 5 Problem 24P Solution

This wastes two blocks of storage but is not serious. Each block can be read or written independently of the other blocks, and are individually addressable. What is an advantage of this? Erasing blocks would be ideal from a security perspective.

However if each process asks for its remaining requirements, we will have a deadlock. Describe how increasing the degree of multiprogramming can decrease the throughput of a computer system.

Tape drives can only be used by one process at a time. Similarly, a process that wait too long in the lower-priority queue may be moved to a higher-priority queue. This state is not deadlocked because many actions can still occur.