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One major reason for this was that Deckel, the company that made the Synchro Compur shutter, rather suddenly decided to close shop. Note the variation in the number per year. What kind of camera is she holding? Early lenses sometimes are stamped more than once.

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How to find out when your Hasselblad was made by Q. Look on the cover of the Target circular ad in today's Sundap paper. There are also still gaps between the blocks of numbers attributed to years. Also, is it the same for a back and lens? Note - the site has a glitch - I find that you must exit the page and return to it for each search.

The digits indicate the decennium and year in which the item was produced. Or check the ad out at a Target Store. So Hasselblad worked with the Gauthier company - the maker of Prontor shutters - to develop a replacement shutter. They come in a metal mount, with a scalloped, metal focussing ring.

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Contrary to what Bob said, C lenses were indeed coated. Enter your data on this page. Anche per quello che riguarda i registri di Oberkochen si assiste a contraddizioni nella numerazione. This third letter was used to indicate the product type. Thus it is normal to find cases where lenses were never made to match numbers reserved for them.

How to date a hasselblad by serial

Jeff, For the date part of your question, see here. This prefix provides no useful information to someone holding the item, speed dating de and is for use in records only. The last two digits always represent the month of manufacture. They had one less lens in them. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

It is present in all but the very earliest C lenses. Items that do not have a serial number plus date code obviously can not be dated using the system described above. For a brief period, Hasselblad appended a third letter to the two letter date code.

All Hasselblad cameras and film magazines, as well as some other Hasselblad items, bear a two or three letter code in front of, or incorporated into, the serial number. Now a plant of a successful company does not vary that much in production rate unless there is diversion to other products, as is likely during a war binoculars? The C lens in the package is another type than the one described. The stamp may be smudged, or incomplete, making it difficult to decipher. Sometimes dates, coded or even uncoded, appear inside products, scribbled in pencil on the inside of housings, online dating somerset etc.

Or there is a cessation of materials or labour, which can also happen in war. At that time, Hasselblad also was producing the series. Victor Hasselblad learned about this method of coding at Eastman Kodak's. But taking, for instance, a prism finder apart just to look for an indication when the item was produced is perhaps not a very good idea.

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This must have been one factor leading to a big expansion of demand and production. Try Karen Nakamura's site.

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As a collector, the main point is that they do tell the same story within the time span that interests one. To reveal the code, it may be necessary to set the lens to its close focus limit doing so will move the rear lens element towards the front of the lens, out of the way. This is being looked into, but meanwhile you may have to go to another page, come back, and try again or try your luck on that other page, since the applet is available site-wide. It too will last for ages, and may well outlive the person using the thing. This code, most often in red ink, was stamped somewhere on the rear end of the lens mount, blue jays speed dating often on the wall of the rear lens baffle.

  • You can, of course, also type in the serial number of your lens into the tiny utility on the top left hand side of this page.
  • If anyone decides he or she wants to spend a rather huge amount of money and buy a Hasselblad with Zeiss lenses, he or she does not do so to get second best.
  • Cameras with focal plane shutter that did not need a lens based leaf shutter.

Carl Zeiss serial numbers

Two listings then exist, and run very much in parallel. And call me dumb but, the body and back numbers confuse me a bit. When there are three letters, the year of manufacture is always indicated by the first two.

Tables doing just that are compiled by collecting serial numbers of specific lenses together with information about when these lenses were first bought. Serial numbers therefor can only be used to date lenses if we have some way to link serial numbers to years. You can also determine the year your lenses were made here. The two digits are a reversed representation of the year of manufacture. Very much better than not being coated, and only a tiny bit worse than being multicoated.

Try this spot note the section on dating Hasselblad Info. Carl Zeiss Jena lens serial numbers. Zeiss however also stamped their lenses with a code revealing the date of manufacture. One is left with a feeling that early Zeiss lenses are rare and should be very desired items.

All material on this site is protected by law. The date of manufacture will most likely be represented by the earliest date found, while later dates may represent the times the lens had returned to the factory for a major repair. Each letter represents a certain number, dating a bipolar alcoholic and the two numbers together will tell you the year it was manufactured.

  1. This method of coding does not provide a way to tell what century prefix to add.
  2. Though certainly improvements, they are only small ones.
  3. It is not so common, and i didn't think about mentioning it in the above post.
  4. There may also be unnumbered lenses, possibly when they are one of a stereo pair, though confusion with licencees lenses can occur.
  5. The C models were all metal, later models have more plastic.
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Zeiss serial numbers do not contain coded information about when a lens was made. Before the code was a three or four digit number. It seems likely that there was a carry over of numbers in some years from one year to the next, due to numbers being booked for a contract or sale in advance- or some such mechanism. Here's a link to the Hasselblad Historic site. Did they make C lenses that late?

But the coating they had was initially a single layer one. Two of these letters are used to encrypt the year of manufacture. How to date Hasselblad products not showing a serial number? It is tentative in places. The is a rare lens, only sold in North America in small numbers.

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How to date a hasselblad by serial

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