Dating winchester model 12 shotguns, winchester model 12 shotgun appraisal- find value price date

What is the value of a model 12 Winchester shotgun

Does anyone know where I can find the date it was built? Here is where it gets weird. The gun numbered xxx was a gift to my uncle.

A Look Back at the Winchester Model 12 Shotgun

They're probably an alright gun for a shooter. The most import being the condition of the shotgun. This is the only winchester model shotgun with a serial number that high.

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As usual I have more questions now than I did before. Let me know what you think. No attempt has been made to determine the value of any guns listed. Some of these factors would be the age and condition of the shotgun.

The Army and Marines brought these. They use these documents as a reference and the documents should be limited to that use. We shot it primarily on the trap range. This can be only determined by you providing the serial number to the shotgun in question.

Most importantly, the condition of the shotgun. Sure enough, no serial numbers in your photographs. The number refers to the Model number of your Winchester shotgun. Today the pump shotgun is a pretty utilitarian tool.

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Ejected hulls kicked out of the side port to the right of the gun. None of the page scans are of original documents but are simply transcribed information typed into a word processing program. Does anyone know if there were any changes in the guns over time that would help differentiate between them? It appears that you are accessing the Browning Website from outside North America.

Barrels were proof tested and precisely choke bored. Hopefully someone knows something and can help me out here. His first edition has too many problems, from typos to inaccurate info.

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Ask for the Winchester Repeating Arms Historian. Pigeon grade guns were available in Field, Duck, Skeet and Trap configurations and are the most desirable to collectors. As for the age of your Winchester model pump action shotgun.


What is the value of a model 12 Winchester shotgun
  1. My mother in law just told me about rifles that he had in the attic.
  2. Click here for other Buffalo Bill Center museum resources.
  3. What is date of manufacture of winchester shotgun model-N?
  4. Relatively new shotguns are out there as good economical shooters while older pieces are solid investments.

The Field and Duck guns had uncheckered stocks, the Super Field, Pigeon, Skeet and Trap models had checkered stocks with pistol grip caps and checkered forends. But perhaps these pages can help you somewhat in your research. When was the serial number Winchester double barrel shotgun made? Can anyone give me the right year of Mfg? Before the s the Winchester Repeating Arms firearms brand transferred ownership several times.

Winchester Model 12

Winchester did not keep serial number records of the model A. Where can I find the manufacture date on my Winchester pump shotgun? You do not say which model shotgun you own? How old is your Winchester model shotgun serial number L?

Winchester Model 12 Shotgun Appraisal- Find Value Price Date

Date of manufacture for Winchester Model 12 Shotgun

What is the manufacture date of Winchester model 12 shotgun serial number

Pigeon and high grade guns are the most desirable of all. Account Dealers Customer Support. Concealed Carry Trail Hiking with Ukoala's Yukon Bag For adventurers who enjoy smaller, minimalist-style day trips into the wilderness, carrying a gun can sometimes prove challenging. KvaK, pumpkin youre dating Took a few visits before I noticed the differently formatted photos at the bottom of your post. Note the addition of a heat shield.

What does mean on a Winchester shotgun? If this is the stamped number then I suggest this number was a mistake. Maybe the information I provided can help someone identify their own gun. The fix that Johnson came up with was to simply hide the hammer inside an enclosed and streamlined receiver.

McHenry Sportsmen s Club - Winchester Model 12 Serial Numbers

Please include the serial number to date your shotgun and the overall condition to get a accurate value to your Winchester model pump action shotgun. Edited to make several images clickable. For adventurers who enjoy smaller, minimalist-style day trips into the wilderness, carrying a gun can sometimes prove challenging. Any information before the s is always difficult to verify.

As for dating the gun, the best you can do is ballpark by the evidence you do have. Apparently Winchester Australia has accurate importation records dating back decades, so I've sent off an email to see what light they can shed on serial numbers. Most of these shotguns serial numbers were not kept in the records of Winchester as to the serial number and year of manufacture.

You could probably check out the serial in the Blue Book of Gun Values. By the specific serial number stamped into the frame. Unless you're okay with one of these. The Model was intended to compete on even footing with the Remington Model pump gun, which had pioneered most of the same production shortcuts.

The Winchester Model 12 Shotgun Once loved now forgotten

Neither of us can shoot that gun very well, either. First, the Blue Book is worthless! Trench guns came with a barrel heat shield and a bayonet lug. This allowed the gun to be fired faster than a semi-automatic shotgun. This was a very nice pump gun without equal today.

If your firearm is not listed, dating levis 501 jeans we probably do not have any additional information. Henry has an outstanding track record of listening to their customers. The value would be dollars. The Blue Book of Gun Values shows a chart for serial numbers.

Winchester pushed the guns out to its salesmen and to good effect, becoming one of the most popular shotguns of its day. There are so many of these classic old shotguns out there floating around in obscurity that now could be the best time to go searching for one at a good price. They served as riot guns with military police, trench guns in the front lines, and in support duties. Try taking some photographs of a part of the gun that has serial numbers stamped on it, uk music lovers dating like the bottom of the gun where the barrel and the receiver go together.

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But the notion that function is everything and form must conform to function, aesthetics be dammed has shoved aside the notion of elegance being a critical part of a sporting tool. In general, only serial number ranges with an approximate year are provided in this document. Would you like to visit Browning International?

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