Dating mitchell 300 reels, is this reel good for both fresh and salt water

Also see Alphanumeric Serial Numbers. To further compound the situation, some reels had lettered prefixes, which we hoped would give us a year but this is not the case. For more information see Garcia Kits in our Gallery.

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Serial numbers are very important to determine this as well as the correct spool and all other components. These were first used as advertisement and on Garcia Mitchell reels boxes and eventually used directly on reels. For years I trolled the White River with them as well.

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How Do I Date My Garcia Mitchell Spinning Reel And Establish Its Curren

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Garcia was not originally the Canadian distributor. The first issue did not have a model number but just Mitchell Rapid. It is important to note that this green insert box has also been discovered with the next version. The name changed in to Mitchell with Otomatic underneath.

The one shown was made in Taiwan, just for the record! Previous topic Next topic. The first to do this was Albatros followed by Garcia. We can only speculate that due to good sales volumes of the and series, white dee this was a necessary step. In the late fifties the Mitchell series was introduced mainly for the European market as the Prince.

Each group has their own unique method of numbering with no tie between the systems. The Letter X stood for X-tra parts. All eventually had their name or Logo engraved directly on the reels. Add to Cart Add to Wish List.

Garcia later expanded these to other models. The innovative composite Bail Halo completely surrounds the rotor, giving the bail-support arm a fully ringed shape instead of the typical crescent shape seen on nearly every other spinning reel. The second versions were also issued with no vendor name and with other vendor names including Albatros, Arca and Balzer.

Thank you for your inquiry. Rapid was engraved on the first High Speed series reel. In the mid eighties Mitchell made these very unusual reels in limited quantities for use with cane poles. It is always possible that someone exchanged the handle type on the reels I examined in the earlier serial number range and yours may have been replaced as well.

  • Have many fancy dancy reels, but almost like a religion, I take a Mitchell or with me every fishing trip.
  • Best size for Freshwater all around What is the best size for all around freshwater fishing?
  • You have nothing to loose!
  • If you are referring to the old original, the old original would be a bit stubbier than this one, size-wise.
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The problem with this is a lot of people use this term that have no idea what it means. This company manufactured watch gears and related items. Get on Ebay or hit some garage sales in a good part of town for a few weeks. The first issues had two serial numbers.

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The same sticker is on the but always inverted for some unknown reason. Mitchell part nr If you can not find it, see on the exploded- vieuws on my website. The first evidence of a Gallery. Mitchell cutaways were made by Mitchell to be used as sales ad material and as demonstration models for salesmen.

Was trying to get an idea of what they're worth. Gadabout, dating it is a difficult thing to establish dates on the and reels. Mitchell made some special issue reels that were not intended for resale to the public. Click to display additional attributes for the product. This term is also misused for the Otomatic.

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My bail on my garcia mitchell reel doesn't flip over after I cast. Good close up photographs say a lot! You can click the arrow next to gear ratio for more information on each mode, including line capacities. Galion was the original name of this series of low price reels made at Impecco, France request to begin entrenching against Far Eastern competition.

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Is this reel rated for saltwater? We looked at the problem from an analytical approach so we can make some sense of their methods. For some unknown reason, Mitchell had serial numbers on a few models and on others had none.

Hector, I don't think it's gonna pay for a Vegas vacation. Were you trying ultra light rods with very small rod holders? For some reason have always loved the French made Garcia reels. We find A and B on either version! All Mitchell reels with Provenance are far more valuable than those without.

The very early serial number and packaging dates this reel back to the late fifties. All I do is clean and grease them after each season. All serial numbers started with a lettered prefix giving you the year of manufacture, i. My reels are still going strong, clock dating decades later. The BlackFish reels were made by Mitchell for discount stores and only sold in France.

This period also has its uncertainty as to accurate dating. We divided the dating process into four periods. In essence, exact dating of reels based on serial numbers during this period is inconclusive. Determining dates of issue for Mitchell spinning reels has always been at the forefront of questions asked by collectors.

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IS this reel good for both fresh and salt water

Pure Fishing Group is now the main stockholder and principal owner. Like the term Round Bodies were the true first Ultra Light reels by Mitchell, this term never applied to them. These Special Wedge Stickers were first placed on rods special made for the Stickers. The very first Mitchell reel had Level-Wind gear for line retrieval.

Mitchell also imprinted a single numerical digit on the reel foot on some -but not all- first versions. They were also one of the very few retailers and wholesalers allowed to sell Mitchell reels due to these old friendships. Galion was a series of low price reels made at Impecco, France request to begin entrenching against Far Eastern competition. Prior the the mid-seventies these boxes had serial numbers that matched to reel.

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  1. The Mitchell Spinning Reel is for freshwater fishing.
  2. Also see Planamatic for more information.
  3. Because of serious mechanical problems with the original versions, name and colour changes were required.

The problem with this type of gearing was line binding. It was introduced at first without the Mitchell name called Page. When I returned I passed somebody carrying a handful of all the guy's rods.

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