Compaq Presario 12xl125 Video Driver

Run Computer Checkup from the Compaq Diagnostics diskette. No part of this guide may be photocopied or reproduced in any form without prior written consent from Compaq Computer Corporation.

Compaq 12XL125 - Presario - K6-2 533 MHz Maintenance & Service Manual

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The cable is routed under the battery charger board and under the edge of the system board. Metal objects can damage the battery pack as well as the battery contacts in the battery compartment. Physical and Environmental. With other laptops i am able to connect. Gently lift and turn the keyboard over, allowing it to rest where the palmrest cover normally sits.

To replace the hard drive and mounting bracket, ibm t30 video driver reverse these procedures. Disconnect the modem cable from the modem. Removing the Speaker Assembly.

Insert the Compaq Diagnostics diskette in drive A. The computer serial number should be provided to Compaq whenever requesting information or ordering spare parts. Card or card driver is not Contact a Compaq authorized supported.

Compaq Computer Corporation reserves the right to make changes to the Compaq Presario Series Notebooks without notice. Compaq Presario Series Portable Notebooks operate well within this range of temperatures. Run the Configuration and Diagnostics xx Video character set test failed Utilities. Printer prints garbled Correct printer drivers are not Refer to the printer information. This package contains the driver and user interface for the Conexant High Definition Audio Chip in the supported notebook models and operating systems.

Compaq presario 12xl125 video driver

Compaq 12XL125 - Presario - K6-2 533 MHz Maintenance & Service Manual


Solving Power Problems The card is not supported. Pull the display release latches to open the display. Few of the issues got resolved.

Applicable product safety standards specify thermal limits for plastic surfaces. Tool and Software Requirements. The serial number is located underneath the notebook as shown below. Apply only the tension required to seat or unseat the cables during insertion or removal from the connector.

To replace the modem, reverse these procedures. This guide contains information protected by copyright. Solving Hard Drive Problems. If an incorrect screw is used during the reassembly process, it can damage the unit. The notebook starts from drive A, and the Diagnostics Welcome screen is displayed.

If the notebook is in direct sunlight, move it and allow it to cool off. Turn off the notebook, then turn it on again.

Hibernation and Standby also known as Sleep mode. For more information on connectors, refer to the section on Rear Connectors.

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Specifically, in device manager, below devices id are not getting installed. If the problem is resolved, do not proceed with the remaining steps. Solving Hardware Installation Problems. Preparing the Notebook for Disassembly. To replace the keyboard, reverse these procedures.