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Lenovo G switchable graphics problem

You are on one card whilst the plugin wants to try and use another card. There seems to be no support from Lenovo. Maybe there are others out there with the same problem and they would apreciate the fix. Lenovo G graphics driver problem.

See our Sustainability Report. Hi, Did anyone have a luck with finding solutions? Thank you for your interest in this issue and your time. For example when I go to photoshop any version and into the Liquify filter, the screen is just black. All- in- One ideacentre Blade.

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Lenovo ideapad G770

Thread Modes Lenovo G switchable graphics problem. Also like I said on the earlier Lenovo drivers, the Liquify worked like a charm. So what exactly will this fix? Why do you think, that it will unlock switchable graphic menu? Do you uninstall old drivers before installing new ones?

Lenovo needs to step up and start releasing updated graphics drivers within a week after the hardware manufacturer I. Hello I have a problem with drivers for my Lenovo G laptop. Is there any way for you to look into those drivers and help me somehow? You have a miss conception about what Fixed vs Dynamic are. These modders normally know what they are doing and even go as far as providing exact instructions, guides on backing up, como atualizar video card drivers restoring not to mention the existing user reports from other Lenovo Users.

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No need to be fancy, just an overview. And there is no way for me to go back. Is there any other way to make the drivers work? Has anyone else tried this? You have simply used a bad cleaning procedure which ended up mixing driver parts.

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Unfortunately I do not think that is the best answer. Well everything works fine, I can switch graphics modes etc. That way Liquify or any application won't fall back on Intel when it feels like it. Many people do not have the possibility to obtain Fixed switching.

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See pics in my original link. So I digged deeper into the driver modding business, but I really couldn't find what I was looking for. That is a gamble people take I suppose. After rereading your very first post I have a feeling that you did not clean properly based on the fact that Lenovo wouldn't release Leshcats drivers.

Ati driver g770

Lenovo ideapad G Laptop Drivers Download

Check notebookreview for known problems just in case. FunkyMike Super Moderator.

There is something really wrong with my Lenovo G and graphics drivers. Hi I also cant install the new drivers.

Get Lenovo Support on your Android device. The rest you have to do yourself I'm afraid. Author Write something about yourself.